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Skateboard bearings are the round metal pieces that fit inside the wheels to install the wheels to the axle. No matter wheel size, all skateboard bearings are the same size and will fit any skateboard wheel that Storage facility Skateboards sells. The universal measurements for bearings are 8mm (core), 22mm (outer size), and 7mm (width).

Skateboard Bearings at Storage Facility Skateboards
Skateboard bearings are offered in sets of eight, as each wheel needs 2 bearings. You can browse Warehouse Skateboards' vast inventory of skateboard bearings, which are offered in a variety of colors to suit your individual design.

What are ABEC ratings?
Many bearings are measured by an ABEC ranking. The greater the ABEC score, the more precise and accurate the bearing will be. This rating system includes grades 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9. The ABEC rating does not specify numerous important factors, such as load managing abilities, ball precision, products, product Rockwell firmness, degree of ball and raceway polishing, noise, vibration, and lubricant. Due to these aspects, an ABEC 3 classified bearing might carry out better than an ABEC 7 bearing.

ABEC 1 skateboard bearings tend to be the least pricey, the most unrefined, and the least accurate. The quality of the steel is not extremely high.
ABEC 3 skateboard bearings are usually economical and do not roll efficiently or rapidly.
ABEC 5 skateboard bearings are standard for many kinds of skateboarding. This ranking gets you a quick speed at a budget friendly cost.
ABEC 7 skateboard bearings are really fast, smooth, and cost a little more.
ABEC 9+ skateboard bearings are incredibly quick! They are great for downhill skating and skaters that wish to move remarkably quick.

There are a handful of companies that do not use the ABEC score scale, such as Bones Bearings. Bones Bearings utilizes their own ranking system called Skate Rated. Their bearings do not follow the ABEC scores due to the fact that they are superior in performance and the ABEC score overlooks lots of quality elements on which Bones Bearings prides itself.

What makes up a skateboard bearing?
Skateboard bearings may be little, but they are incredibly intricate. When you first order skateboard bearings, you will most likely think of them as one part of your skateboard. It isn't up until you require to do maintenance on your bearings that you will have to divide them open and find out about what's inside. Skateboard bearings are comprised of seven smaller parts:

Skateboard Bearings Components
C-ring: a thin ring that suits a groove on the outside of the bearing to lock the guards in location.
Bearing Guard: a medium-sized ring on the side of the bearing that prevents dirt from entering the ball bearings.
External ring: the round metal outside that all of the other parts suit.
Inner Ring: the smaller sized metal ring that fits within the outer ring. When you move your bearing/wheel setup onto the axles, the inner ring is what the axles fit through.
Steel balls: set of 6 or 7 steel or ceramic balls that rest in the ball retainer. These are perhaps the most important part of the bearing, as they allow the bearing casing to spin around them.
Ball Retainer: likewise called a Delrin crown, the ball retainer holds the individual ball bearings in location, while still permitting the casing to spin around them.
Rubber seal: The soft rubber ring on the exterior of the bearing that helps in shielding the bearing interior against dirt and particles.
Skateboard bearings carry out best when each different part is functioning effectively. You will certainly need to clean your bearings regularly, as dirt accumulation can ultimately stop your bearing, and therefore the wheel will not be able to turn. If you skate street, you'll need to clean your bearings twice as often. Take a look at Cleaning and Lubricating Your Bearings for the 101 on bearing maintenance.

Leading Selling Bearings
Bones Bearings - 8mm Bones BIG BALLS REDS Skate Rated Skateboard Bearings (8) Load
$ 24.95.
Bear Trucks Space Balls 8mm ABEC 7 Silver/ Red Skateboard Bearings.
$ 25.99.
FKD Bearings Ice Swiss Skateboard Bearings.
$ 24.99.
Andale Bearings 8mm Swiss Silver/ White Includes Tin Box.
$ 42.99.
Skateboard bearing material quality.
Bones Reds Bearings.
Steel bearings.
A lot of skateboard bearings are made from steel. With steel bearings, the overall quality of the steel, the sealing, and the interior ball bearings varies from brand to brand. The rule of thumb tends to be that the more pricey the skateboard bearings, the higher the quality. Inexpensive bearings tend to be made from more affordable materials; more pricey skateboard bearings consist of better sealing, more inner ball bearings, and higher-quality metals. You can really feel the distinction when you come to an unexpected stop on your board; your skateboard wheels may screech or stiffen up as a result of inexpensive bearings that are more susceptible to rust and dirt. Paying a couple of dollars more for some higher quality steel bearings is absolutely an excellent financial investment.

Ceramic bearings.
Some business now use ceramic skateboard bearings, which are exceptionally smooth, produce really little friction, and won't expand in the heat. They are slightly more costly than basic metal bearings, but are thought about extremely high quality and don't need as much maintenance.

Because ceramic bearings hit the market, there has actually been a great deal of debate in the skateboarding world about whether they are in fact remarkable. They are definitely more pricey, normally varying $70-$ 100 (routine bearings start around $15). While it's typically true that you definitely get what you pay for when it comes to skateboards, does the more costly ceramic material actually produce a much better performing skateboard bearing?

The brief answer is, perhaps. Ceramic bearings have ceramic balls, and more of them, but all of the other parts are still made from steel. Nevertheless, the steel and sealing tends to also be of much greater quality in ceramic bearings. Essentially, the decreased friction and smooth ride you get with ceramic bearings is due partially to the ceramic balls within, however also the greater quality steel outside. This mix of materials is why ceramic bearings tend to be costlier. In other words, ceramic bearings perform better partially since of the ceramic and partly due to the fact that of the greater quality steel.Bones Swiss Ceramics Bearings The balls in ceramic bearings have a super tough outside, however the interior is ceramic powder. The advantage is that they are lightweight, but if the exterior of the ball is harmed, it practically falls apart (though this is extremely uncommon). Ceramic bearings also contain more balls, which even more enhances their ability to perform.

Skaters faithful to ceramic bearings not only like the precision performance they get, however also that they need so much less maintenance. Ceramics do not rust, and hence don't require changed nearly as often as steel bearings.

Bearing alternatives.
Bearing spacers.
Bearing spacers are small metal cylinders that fit into a skateboard wheel in between the bearings. Their function is to decrease the weight dispersed to each bearing, which can make your turns smoother and more steady and likewise extend the life of your bearings. Bearing spacers are totally optional; longboarders and casual skaters likely will not put sufficient pressure on their boards to ever need them, though they are definitely an excellent financial investment if you want to slide, do a great deal of techniques, and usually skate hard. Bearing spacers are normally low-cost, and can be made from steel, aluminum, or other kinds of metal.

Unlike bearings, bearing spacers are not one-size-fits-all. Bearing spacer size is determined by two things: axle diameter (not to be confused with axle width!) and overall spacer width. For example, 8mm x 10mm is a really common bearing spacer size. The very first number (8mm) describes the diameter of the axle, and the second number (10mm) refers to the total width of the bearing. The majority of truck axles are 8mm in size, so figuring out axle size is quite straightforward-- you may even see the very first number dropped from some bearing spacer measurements. Determining the total spacer width you need is not an exact science, however generally large longboard wheels will take 10mm, and skateboard wheels will take 8mm. When you buy brand-new bearings, the set might come standard with bearing spacers, but they can also be bought separately.

Skateboard Bearings and Speed Washers at Storage Facility Skateboards.
To set up bearing spacers, start by sliding in your first bearing. Then turn the wheel over and press the bearing spacer in. It must be held securely in the wheel core; if the bearing spacer moves or rattles around at all, that's a sure sign that your spacers are too small. Once the spacer has actually been pushed into location in the center of the wheel, slide the other skateboard bearing into location.

Speed washers.
Speed washers are thin, metal washers that are slipped over the axle between the nut and the bearing, and the hanger and the bearing. Though they pass many different names (speed washers, speed rings, bearing washers), all speed washers have the same purpose: to minimize friction in order to help the wheel turn much faster. They serve as a buffer between the nut and the bearing, which allows your wheels to turn quickly while likewise protecting the bearing face from damage.

Speed washers are an optional addition, though any rider planning to skateboard at high speeds will absolutely wish to invest in them. You can replace them as often as you choose-- it truly depends upon just how much and how tough you skate. When they start to appear worn down, or if you see any rust or rust, merely eliminate your nut and slide on brand-new speed washers. Speed washer size is based upon axle diameter, and given that the huge bulk of truck axles are 8mm in size, that is more than likely the size you will require. If you purchase total trucks, numerous sets consist of a speed washer for each wheel, though you can also purchase them independently. Warehouse Skateboards sells speed washers in packs of 100, which need to last you for a long time!

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